Posts grouped by Project

This page groups together any posts I’ve made, in the course of attempting to destroy and rebuild our house, into the activtities. Hopefully it’ll be a handy reference page for someone, somewhere if they’re attempting anything similar… and if you are that person. Hello!

Building a Studio

The list below is the set of posts I put up whilst building the studio in the garden for Sal. In summary we tore down an existing shed in the back garden before laying a new concrete slab. From there we built one of those ‘log cabin’ style garden rooms, insulated it, then painted it.

  1. Background and Context
  2. Site Selection and Clearance
  3. Making a Plan
  4. Laying the Base
  5. Studio Arrival and Shell Construction
  6. Finishing the exterior
  7. Battening the Inside
  8. Wiring and Insulation (pt1)
  9. Insulation (pt2) and Plasterboarding
  10. The end is nigh!
  11. Build complete
  12. Costs

And that’s all there is to it!


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