Costs… so many costs

No photos this time I’m afraid but, having (pretty much) finished the studio, I thought it might be worthwhile/informative for anyone planning the same thing to have a summary of the costs along with any spurious thoughts I may have about where I could have saved cash.

So. What did the studio as seen, a bunch of electrics in the garage, and two bulk bags of wood offcuts cost? £6833.00 – that’s what.

There’s a full breakdown below but first, my comments:

  • The electrics and wiring were pretty expensive due to [1] needing to put in a new consumer unit and [2] the set of lights and sockets that were put into the garage. Subtract about £300 from the materials costs if you don’t need these.
  • Oh my life the paint was expensive but, once you work it out actually it’s about right. The surface area of the studio is about 35sqm. The outside got four coats as did the inside (280sqm) plus undercoat (2), interior wood paint (1), and exterior wood paint (2). A 2.5 litre tin of paint covers about 20sqm so, in total, we used 19+ tins of paint. £15 each? Oh my life.
  • We used felt shingles for the roof over underlay because we wanted a ’tile like’ roof finish. Compare the cost at Wickes but I guess you could halve this by using roofing felt.
  • The base was also pretty expensive but, as you can see from the photos, it was a fairly complex beast involving a wall, steps, and large amounts of shuttering. Again I guess you could halve this.
  • £280 of clearing the site was getting rid of the corrugated asbestos roof from the old shed. The remainder was a couple of skips.

Hope this helps. Full breakdown below.


Materials £5570
Electrics and Wiring £628
Furnishing £209
Internal Structure £745
Paint and Finishing £372
Roofing £424
Base £723
Insulation £270
External Structure £2199
Tools £311
Buy £249
Hire £62
Labour and Services £952
Electrics and Wiring £280
Site Clearance £672

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