Build complete.

Last week saw Sal and myself make the last big push towards completing the studio. It was a pretty busy week and the workload failed completely to respect the fact that both Sal and I work full time (damn studio). Our (rather bleak) week looked like:

  • Monday evening: Paint walls and roof with white plasterboard sealing paint.
  • Tuesday evening: Paint second coat of white of walls and roof.
  • Wednesday morning (6 a.m.): Paint first coat of colour on walls. Third coat of white on ceiling.
  • Wednesday lunchtime: Paint second coat of colour on walls.
  • Wednesday evening: Paint door frame.
  • Thursday lunchtime: Carpet fitters put in the carpet.
  • Thursday evening: Cut trim strips and undercoat. Cut skirting and undercoat.
  • Friday afternoon/evening: Paint trim strips. Paint skirting.

And that brought us to the end of one hectic week – the first photo above shows the state of the studio at the end of the week.

On Saturday we dedicated ourselves to finishing off the internal fit out. Firstly this involved pressing pipe insulation into the gap between the top of the wall and putting the trimming strips over the top. The purpose of the pipe insulation is to provide a layer that will expand and contract with the external structure as heat and moisture take their toll. Photo 2 shows the pipe insulation in situ with photos 3 and 4 showing the inside after the trim strip has been fixed. The trim is fixed with a 10mm gap above that I can monitor as the studio changes size – its only fixed to the wall with pins so it can be easily adjusted.

On Sunday Sal finished off the painting of the window and door frames and I busied myself with running cables. I ran two cat5e cables from the office at the front of the house, along the side wall of the house, across a wooden strut 2m up and into the garage. From there they joined the already connected cables in the garage. The co-ax came down the side of the house from the booster in the loft and followed the same path to join the cables in the garage.

Photos 5 and 6 show the completed studio before we moved Sal in on Sunday evening. We’re both really pleased with how it looks and it, just about, fits all her stuff in it. Good times. There’s obviously a bit of finishing here and there (guttering for instance) but I won’t bore you with that – I’m sure you can imagine how guttering will look.

Whilst this is the end of the studio story there will be a couple of other posts before it gets put to bed. Next up is an analysis of the costs we actually incurred with a final set of thoughts on what I’d do next time.


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