The end is nigh!

In the last couple of weeks Sal and I have been busy doing a whole bunch of stuff. So…

10 days ago ‘Justin the Electrician’ arrived to bring power to the studio (amongst other things). In totality the work he did was:

  • Amoured cable from the meter into the garage.
  • Put in a new consumer unit in the garage.
  • Checked, wired up, and tested the sockets and new lighting in the garage.
  • Checked, wired up, and tested the sockets and lighting in the studio.

The power gets to the garage along the side of the house and then through a trench. The gap between the garage and the studio (50cm) is bridged with conduit. You can see in the second photo, from inside the garage, the backs of 2 conduit bridges. The one on the left is for the power with the one on the right carrying co-ax and 3 * cat5e – one of which will actually be for a phone.

After Justin had finished we ran the AV/network/etc cabling (as you can see in photos 1, 3, and 4) and finished the insulation and plasterboarding. Something we added in was a panel of 12mm plywood in the middle of the wall to take a mounting for a TV – not strictly necessary but it means that we can be a bit more flexible about mountings and positioning.

After this we went through the tortuous process of filling all the screw heads and gaps around plasterboard… and then sanding them all flat before putting a base coat over the whole lot.

No costs this time as I want to save that for the end. Carpet fitters arrive Thurs and we’d better have the painting finished by then!


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