Insulation (pt 2) and plasterboarding

After an arduous weekend of unrelenting studio graft Sal and I completed the insulation and added plasterboard over the top in preparation for the arrival of the electrician.

Putting the insulation in between the battens continued to be a lengthy process but, given that the walls are free-standing, I’d be uncomfortable with larger gaps between the battens (600mm). In the end the insulation has probably taken the best part of 20 hours to cut, fit, and cover in foil tape. On the subject of foil tape we used almost 300 metres of the stuff (6 rolls) – about 50% of the time was putting this up rather than the insulation itself.

Doing the plasterboarding was relatively straightforward but definitely a case of ‘measure twice and cut once’. I made sure to mark the cable runs on the front of the boards so I didn’t accidentally put a screw through a cable when fixing up the plasterboard and, after a miserable experience with the first board, I made a note of where the battens ran behind the boards so I could draw a line to follow when screwing the boards to the battens from the front.

The hole you can see in the last  picture is a space for a plywood panel to use as a backboard for the TV mount. If I thought about it I’d have put the sockets on the right and the AV sockets on the left as I could then have dropped the cables straight down rather than the awkward 90 degree bend I’m going to have to put in, however this is a small point and I’m sure I’ll live.

No costs this time as the previous post covered them.

Next up: Justin the electrician brings the power!


  • As per the previous post be really accurate with your battening. I mentioned that my innacurate measuring and placement of the battening hurt me on the insulation, it did so again on the plasterboarding and I had to cut every panel individually.
  • Take the time to mark the battens and cable runs on the front of each board, it makes it much easier to put the boards up and add screws with confidence – I nearly hit a cable and it made me very sad as I had to take a bunch of insulation our to check the cable.

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