Finishing the exterior

Having built the main shell we decided to fit the doors and windows and finish the exterior before cracking on with the internals – particularly as the weather seemed to be holding in some sort of fashion… and here the pain began.

The structure of the building is designed to slot together. Within the design the window frame is shipped as one piece and the door frame as 3 components (top, left, and right) that fit together for the doors to be hung off. Having hung the doors and have the door frame slip and change shape twice I took the radical step of taking a saw to the door frame and throwing it into the wood pile. I then replaced it with a single frame and sawed the doors down to fit – if you look closely you can see the change in door size from photo 1 to photo 2. Frankly this was the most depressing exercise as it resulted in me throwing away something that I’d paid for – never good.

Next we fitted some extra boards to the outside of the base of the studio. The purpose of these was [1] to make it look more attractive and tidy, [2] to prevent rain driving underneath and [3] to stop animals from making it their home. Ventilation has been provided in the boards to the rear to stop damp setting in.

I replaced the facia boards supplied with the kit with some larger, more substantial items made from treated boards. Primarily this was an aethetic choice however they also protect the end grain of the roof joists and the electrical/cable access on the garage end of the studio.

Finally I build some custom gutter boards and fittings so I can add gutters once I’ve sited the water butt(s). As with the door frame the design of the kit seems a little mysterious here as they clearly haven’t considered how the water will disperse from the roof.

So there it is, the finished exterior. To be honest there are parts that have been a real pain but, overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks.


  • Wood for the above: £50.00-ish

Lessons for the future:

  • If something looks suspect (such as the door frame) it probably is. Address it at the time as it’ll be twice as much effort later.
  • I wish I’d fitted the roof shingles after the end facia boards – I’d have got a much tighter and probably more weatherproof result if I had.

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