Making a Plan

Having selected the site and cleared it the time had come to actually choose what the heck to build. The removal of the old shed gave us an area of roughtly 2.5m * 4.5m for the studio so we hatched our plan. Basically this amounted to:

  • The building: In the end we plumped for a 4.5m Devon from Garden Buildings Direct in 35mm timber (for strength) with 19mm floor and roof (for strength) and double glazed windows (for warmth). Cost for this without roofing was £2200.00. There were several candidates we could have gone for but this had the right arrangement of doors and windows in the right positions.
  • The base: In addition to the base we also need some paths and, because the top of the garden is on a slope, there would also be some brickwork required to build a low wall. As a result we chose a plain old concrete slab for the base working on 100mm of concrete on 100mm of hardcore.
  • External finishing: The plan here was to use ‘shed paint’ for the main structure but to use underlay and felt shingles for the roof rather than roofing felt. Whilst this finish is relatively expensive (£400.00 rather than £150.00) we chose the felt shingles for aesthetic reasons – both our house and garage have red clay tiles on the roof and we wanted to, at least, attempt to do something roughly in this style.
  • Internal finishing: Internally the structure would be battened out with breathable membrane andthen 50mm foil-backed PIR board used for floor/wall/ceiling insulation. Vapour-shield plasterboard would cover this to add a moisture barrier. Essential services (electricity, TV, networking) would be provided.
  • Misc: As a result of a conversation with our friendly electrician we decided to add a new consumer unit to the garage and to replace the garage wiring and lighting as well as doing the studio – this decision was mainly taken when, after a bit of investigation, it became apparent that the garage sockets and lights were running on a spur from the extractor fan in the bathroom.

Working on this basis we worked out our schedule and costs. We didn’t have a firm budget in mind provided it came in at less than the ~£8000.00 estimated by the builders so we were pretty pleased when we ended up at £5500.00 including the site clearance.

Let’s remember that number and see how we do….


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