Background and context

My wife is an equestrian artist ( and, when we moved into our current house last year, she took up residence in the dining room and has been using it as her studio. Unfortunately we’d like to create a kitchen-diner and so, with zero experience or consideration of how badly it might go wrong, we decided to build her a studio in the garden.

After a bit of casting around the solution we’ve gone for is one of those ‘log cabin’ style garden offices that we’ll build and then add additional insulation etc ourselves. Arriving at this solution was a fairly simple process of elimination as we don’t have the cash to employ someone to build us something proper and I don’t have the confidence to build something out of nothing – hence buying a kit and customising.

So I hope this is useful to someone, somewhere and if you think I’ve made any hideous errors pop a comment on the post so I can keep an eye out as it all falls apart.

Thanking you.


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